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Stock Market Analysis: 04/13/09

This new administration hates weak, unproductive, socialist people and policies, and it admires strong, can-do, profit makers. It wants to, and probably will, shift the environment from one that makes profit makers villains with limited power to one that makes them heroes with significant power. This particular shift by the Trump administration could have a much bigger impact on the US economy than one would calculate on the basis of changes in tax and spending policies alone because it could ignite animal spirits and attract productive capital. To conclude, recent developments suggest that the macro economy may be at a transition. While the jury is still out on what the political expectations are for Donald Trump’s win, market expectations are getting positively giddy, which may be setting itself up for disappointment. In 2000 the (Cape Shiller) price-earnings ratio was over 45 and we may see a repeat of that,” he told The Daily Telegraph.


Prof Robert Shiller said the psychological “narrative” behind Donald Trump is powerful and likely to carry Wall Street to giddy heights before the aging business cycle finally rolls over. Now that Donald Trump is the President of the United States, the real work of his administration begins. “I think there will be a Trump boom for a while. Under this scenario, a Trump inspired “animal spirits” revival could spur the SPX to its point and figure target of 2523 or more. And shares usually change hands from short-term investors who are more concerned with market trends to long-term investors who play long-term by making acquisitions. The key is to really work the product into the seams when you have to reseal the tank and be sure you are applying the product to a clean, dry surface, and then allow it to dry per the manufacturer’s recommendations before refilling the boutiques near me tank with water.